Interview with MDFSA President - Mr. Eugeniu Tataru

Seminars in December 2009

In the period December 1 - December 5, 2009, Moldova Dairy Farm Service Agency in collaboration with the National Federation of Farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moldova organized and carried out a number of Republican Seminars. The seminars had the theme: "The success of agribusiness - myths and realities". The seminars took place all around the country of Moldova in cities of Balti, Cahul, Ceadir-Lunga, Edinets, Orhei, Hincesti. The event gathered together more than 800 farmers, bankers, insurance companies' representatives. We felt it is highly important to have them all gathered together so that everyone could explain their needs, problems and possibilities. Our partner from US, Mr. Robert Binversie had a major impact in the course of the seminars through the number of solutions and possibilities he brought to discussion. The participants felt it was very useful to understand the course of development that the US had to go through. The presenters covered: the statistics of Moldova dairy sector, general data on agriculture of Moldova, consulting agencies and their activities, agricultural equipment manufacturers and dealers, market segmentation, etc. Together with that, the most discussed matter was the lack of affordable financing and the difficulties a farmer faces due to short and expensive loans. We all felt that once the mentioned above problem finds its solution, Moldova is ready for the next step toward the world market. The echo after the seminars brought the National TV "Moldova 1 International" to the office. This program covers the success of Moldovans abroad and the great work that foreign citizens do in Moldova and is broadcasted in most of the European countries. Mr. Robert Binversie is one of the pioneers who fight for Moldova image abroad and believes that Moldova has FUTURE!

Ioniser SRL

Keeping young people in Moldova Ioniser LTD was founded by two brothers in Hincesti region, center of the Republic of Moldova. Sergiu, aged 29, and George, aged 24, decided to start a small dairy farm. Sergiu being a veterinarian found it very appropriate as he would be able to treat his own cows. MoldovaDairy farm Service Agency helped the brothers obtain a small personal loan they were able to purchase 47 cows. After completing the training in US, they returned back home and built a very simple but efficient barn for their cows. MDFSA also helped the young farmers purchase a bulk tank for cooling and storing their milk, farm equipment as: mixer, manure spreader, skid steer. With the help of this specialized equipment they are able to produce clean and quality milk. The dairy factories are offering a premium price for their milk. Due to their initiative and positive attitude the Government of Moldova has awarded the brothers with the Young farmer of year 2007 award. Moldova Dairy Farm Service Agency believes that the future of our country depends on the success of young people like Sergiu and George; therefore the agency assisted the brothers in obtaining a loan named Youth, which aims at encouraging young people start their own businesses. Moldova Dairy Farm Service Agency is working close with Ioniser LTD in deciding their expanding plans and assisting them at every stage of their development. The example of Ionita brothers proves that there is a future for young people in Moldova and by taking farming as a business one can achieve impressive results.

The first modern dairy farm in Moldova

Maria Acbas, a widow with a small kid, could hardly make the ends meet with a salary of a teacher. Difficulties made her decide it high time for action. She is the one to make changes in her life. She started selling pesticides and herbicides having the possibility to explore and get more and more involved in agriculture. Being a very business oriented lady with a burning desire to succeed she soon enough managed to become the manager of a dairy factory in Comrat, south of Moldova. Today,the factory, which was on the edge of bankruptcy, turned into one of the major suppliers of dairy products in the south of the Republic of Moldova.SANA products found their niche on the Moldova market of natural products. Unfortunately, the milk production has drastically decreased in the past years. Faced with unreliable supplies, very low quality, and seasonal shortages of milk needed to meet increasing market needs of the expanding milk processing and sales business, Dairy Factory has decided to establish its own lines of supply. In 2007, the company decided to build its own 200 head dairy farm on the site of the collective farm it had acquired. Being surrounded by a devoted team, her farm manager Eugen Peikov and her brother Victor Zadir, the barns were totally rebuilt and equipped.As a result with a very close and fruitful collaboration with , in October 2008, the farm opened its doors to the first Holstein heifers from Holland. Good genetics and care will lead to high production, therefore - to clean and healthy dairy products made in Moldova. MDFSA assisted the management in every stage: from barn designing, training programs in US to facilitating the cattle import. Together with their American partners, MDFSA facilitated the process of dairy equipment import. Mr. Robert Binversie played an essential role in making this dream come true. By providing qualified recommendations to Maria Acbas, he helped her overcome her fears and made her the first lady to build a modern dairy farm in the Independent Republic of Moldova.

New dairy in Calarasi

New dairy in Calarasi Strapit SRL started operating on 2007 and has as its main activity is animal growing. The total number of the permanent employees reaches. It is a very important factor in the development of the region and sustaining the life standards of the people from the adhering villages. The collaboration with the Moldova Dairy Farm Service Agency started on February 25, 2008 MDFSA learned about Mr. Stratan, the director of Strapit SRL, willingness to start a modern dairy farm. In order to efficiently implement the idea into practice, Mr. Stratan was actively involved in MDFSA training program. In this regard, Mr. Stratan and Mr. Pituscan, his farm manager, successfully completed the training course in WI, US on May 28-June 6, 2008. The program included visits to different size dairy farms, processing companies and equipment producers. Lectures with qualified experts proved to be highly efficient.In order to reinforce the knowledge acquired previously, Mr. Stratan joined another group for the study tour in September 2008. The visit included also the participation on the World Dairy Expo, an important event for every dairy farmer. MDFSA was extremely proud to notice the changes that Mr. Stratan made on his farm site as he got back home.The old style barn is transforming into a modern free stall barn with the capacity of 400 cows. An investment of approximately 800,000 MDL ($ 80.000) was made. MDFSA assisted Strapit SRL to find a cattle dealer in and sign an agreement for the import of first 100 cows in the fall of 2008. Being aware that modern dairy farm equipment is vital, the MDFSA helped the company contract PATZ sales equipment and EZ Nu-Pulse, and order a milking parlor and a mixer. MDFSA is the official dealer on the territory of Moldova and Romania of the mentioned above companies. With the help of the specialized equipment they will be able to get quality feed that together with cattle good genetics will lead to clean quality milk- a product that is highly demanded on Moldova market. MDFSA is proud to be part of the changes and the growth that Strapit SRL has experienced in a short period of time.